Food outlets

All food outlets can help make a difference to the health and wellbeing of their customers!

You can do this by offering healthier food and drink options through your menu whether you are a small kiosk stocking mostly packaged products, or a large café making most of your food and drinks on site.

By becoming a healthy food outlet you can:

  • enhance your market position by securing contracts with organisations who want to provide healthy food and drink options for their staff and visitors
  • attract new customers who are more health-conscious
  • enhance innovation with opportunities to create new menu items or expand existing product lines
  • establish yourself as a leader of providing healthy food and drinks within the retail food outlet industry.


Healthy Choices guidelines

The Victorian Government has developed the Healthy Choices guidelines to help make sure that healthy foods and drinks are offered and promoted in places like workplaces, hospitals and health services, sport and recreation centres, parks and universities.

The guidelines classify foods and drinks as GREEN (best choices), AMBER (choose carefully) and RED (limit). To learn more about each classification visit Traffic light system.

For healthy retail outlets, the Healthy Choices guidelines recommend that:

  • at least 50% of the foods and drinks provided are from the GREEN (best choices) category
  • GREEN choices are always available and promoted and are displayed prominently
  • no more than 20% of the foods and drinks provided are from the RED (limit) category
  • RED foods and drinks are not promoted or displayed prominently.
  • RED choices (like sugary drinks, confectionery or deep fried foods) should not be supersized, and should not be included in specials like meal deals or ‘two for one’ offers.

If you have a rotational menu, this planning tool (Excel spreadsheet) can help you to ensure you are meeting the guidelines every day.

Visit the Healthy Choices section of our website for more information.


What can you do to start providing healthier food and drinks?

  • Visit Taking action and Food and drink ideas for more information about how you can start making healthier changes to your menu.
  • You can find out how the food and drinks in your retail outlet are classified under the Healthy Choices guidelines, with a free online menu assessment
  • Promote that you have a range of healthier foods and drinks available by displaying the Healthy Choices signage, including posters, flyers and stickers to label your products as GREEN, AMBER or RED. Find out more here.


For support or more information about supplying healthier food and drinks through your outlet, call us on 1300 22 52 88 or email us.

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