Taking action

The resources below will help you to plan a menu in line with the Healthy Choices guidelines for food outlets.

Refer to Getting started with Healthy Choices to learn about the five step guide for making healthy changes.

You can also contact us for further support.


Checklist for healthy changes in food outlets

Follow the simple steps in this checklist to help you get started with making healthy changes in your food outlet.


Displaying healthier foods and drinks

Customers’ purchasing decisions can be influenced by how products are displayed. This resource shows you how to display healthier food and drinks.


Action plan template

After identifying areas for improvement in your food outlet, use this template to plan what needs to be changed, how you will make those changes, plan your resources and estimate your timeline.


Phase in, phase out template

Helps you to identify how you will phase out foods and drinks from your food service, and how new healthy products will be introduced.

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