Top tips for promoting water in your facility!

Over the hot summer months, it’s important for your facility’s members and visitors to stay hydrated whilst being active. We all have a role in encouraging water as the drink of choice and providing easy access! 

Here are some tips to promote water throughout your facility: 

  1. Put up signage showing the locations of water fountains so people know where they can grab a quick sip or fill up their water bottles

  2. Provide a water station with jugs of water and cups in prominent positions throughout your facility 

  3. Put up posters promoting the benefits of water for hydration over sugary drinks and sports drinks (access example here)

  4. Promote water in your kiosk or canteen by filling up the top half of your fridge or vending machine with plain or sparkling water, or water flavoured with natural essences. Move sugary drinks and sports drinks to the bottom row or out of sight.

  5. Ensure water is priced competitively with other drinks in your fridges and vending machines

  6. Offer water as the only drink available in meal deals

Healthy eating resources to support your facility
We have many great resources to support you and your facility in providing healthy food and drink options to your members, staff and visitors.

If your organisation is looking for support in creating a healthy food and drink environment contact us today - we're the experts!