Lunchbox resources

Every lunchbox should include foods from the five core food groups, including fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, dairy (or calcium fortified alternatives), lean protein sources.

Try these websites for information on packing a delicious and healthy lunchbox that kids will love!


Nutrition Australia

What's for lunch? and Packing a school lunchbox
Two fact sheets on packing a nutritious school lunchboxes, plus tips for storing food safely.

Packing a School Lunchbox DVD
A fun 15 minute video with ideas for primary school lunchboxes. It can be viewed in English, Arabic and Vietnamese.

Lifting the Lid on Lunch
A double sided poster with 20 mix and match lunchbox options plus tips and advice on how to be creative when choosing lunch and snacks.


Better Health Channel

The Better Health Channel has fact sheets, recipes and video clips with useful information about what to put in a healthy school lunchbox, including:


Healthy Kids Association

Packing a healthy lunchbox
Tells you all you need to know about preparing a healthy lunchbox for your kids

10 great lunchbox ideas
This pictorial resource shows 10 different lunchboxes made with foods from the five food groups

Keep your child’s lunchbox safe
Includes practical tips to keep lunchboxes fresh and safe.

Healthy lunchbox snacks
Offers tips for healthy lunchbox snacks and easy snack ideas

What I’ve learned about packing a lunchbox
Learn some lunchbox tricks and tips from a regular lunchbox packer


NSW Department of Health

Visit the NSW multicultural health communication website for simple lunchbox checklists in English, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Serbian, Somali, Macedonian, Vietnamese and Traditional Chinese.


Fresh for Kids

Sydney Markets Fresh for Kids healthy lunchbox ideas
Quick recess, lunch and snack recipe booklets and a 5 day healthy lunch box meal plan.


Heart Foundation

Lunchbox Lifesavers includes seasonal five day planners with recipes which can be stuck to the fridge door to help you when time and inspiration are running low.


Tucker talk tips 4 kids: Healthy lunchbox ideas
A simple resource with lunchbox ideas for each of the five food groups

Healthy lunch box cards for Koori families
A set of five cards that provide some healthy lunch box ideas. One side has photos of healthy lunch boxes and the reverse side lists the foods and drinks shown.


Get Up & Grow

Lunchbox ideas
Meals for early childhood settings (available in Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish). Includes everyday lunch and snack ideas for children in childcare, preschool and family day care.


Dairy Australia

Every lunchbox should include dairy options such as milk, yoghurts, cheese (or calcium fortified dairy alternatives) as well as fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and lean protein sources. Here are some easy meal and snack ideas that incorporate the five food groups.