Menu assessments

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service offers free menu assessments for all Victorian primary and secondary schools. This is an independent review of the foods and drinks on offer through school food services in line with the recommendations of the Victorian School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy.

A menu assessment will also assist schools in working towards the Healthy Eating and Oral Health benchmarks for the Achievement Program. 

Schools will receive a menu assessment report with:

  • feedback on areas that meet the requirements of the policy, and areas that require review
  • a list of the school’s foods and drinks, categorised as Everyday, Select Carefully or Occasionally
  • the total percentage of EverydaySelect Carefully or Occasionally items within each category (hot foods, cold foods, snacks and drinks)
  • tailored advice on how the menu and/or particular items can be modified to meet the policy
  • advice on promoting Everyday foods
  • a statement that can be used to communicate the school’s commitment to healthy eating.

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Menu assessments are recommended for schools that have never had an assessment, or schools that have changed their menu or food service provider since their last assessment.


Product assessments

Schools and their suppliers can submit individual foods or drinks to be assessed within the criteria of the School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy.

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