Canteen buyers guides

Canteen ‘buyers guides’ or ‘registered product lists’ list commercially-made food and drink products that are allowed in school canteens, according to state government canteen policies. eg, GREEN and AMBER items.

These guides make it easier for canteens to identify healthier products at a glance.


Classifying products in Victoria

Find out foods and drinks you supply are rated GREEN, AMBER or RED using FoodChecker. It's the new way to assess menus, products and recipes against the Victorian Government’s school canteen guidelines.


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Things to consider when using buyers guides and product lists

  • Make sure it is a reputable guide. The guides listed below are recommended.
  • The classifications for some food and drink products listed in these guides may vary from the Victorian school canteen guidelines, so always refer to the policy for the best advice.

Healthy Kids Association logoThe Healthy Kids School Canteen Buyers’ Guide

This buyers’ guide from NSW provides a comprehensive list of Healthy Kids Registered Products, classified against the Healthy Kids Nutrient Criteria. It includes company contact details for product orders.

WA Star Choice Canteen Buyer’s Guide

The Star Choice Food Registration Program and Canteen Buyer's Guide list mainly processed foods that meet the FOCiS nutrient criteria which underpin the WA Government’s Healthy Food and Drinks Policy for schools.


Disclaimer: The Healthy Eating Advisory Service and Nutrition Australia Vic Division provide this information as general advice only. Brand names and products featured in the above mentioned resources are not endorsed over any other brand.

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