Healthy Choices Mentorship Program

Are you a health professional or healthy eating ‘champion’ in your workplace?

Do you support organisations to supply healthier foods and drinks?

If you are a health professional, or a driver of healthy eating in your organisation, you might be eligible to join our free Mentorship Program!

The Mentorship Program will give you the skills and knowledge to implement the Healthy Choices guidelines in your organisation, or others that you work with, such as:

  • workplaces
  • hospital and health services
  • sport and recreation centres
  • universities and TAFEs
  • local food business
  • and more

You will learn how to support organisations to promote healthy eating, and to supply healthier foods and drinks through:

    • retail food outlets, such as cafés and kiosks
    • catering for staff and guests
    • vending machines

    Note: It does not cover working with early childhood services or schools, Please call 1300 22 52 88 or email us to discuss how we can help you support healthy eating in these settings.


    Who is the Mentorship Program for?

    The Healthy Choices Mentorship Program is suitable for anyone who is responsible for promoting healthy eating in the types of organisations listed above, such as:

    • dietitians or nutritionists
    • health promotion officers
    • community development workers
    • human resources/OH&S staff

    Note: The Mentorship Program is not suitable for staff and management of retail food outlets. Click here to learn about implementing the Healthy Choices guidelines in your retail food outlet, or try our free online training.


    Would you like to join?

    If you’re interested in joining the Mentorship Program, please contact us on or call 1300 22 52 88.


    "The Mentorship Program significantly increased my knowledge and confidence to assist our cafe to meet the Healthy Choices guidelines. It’s truly increased our ability to work effectively as a team and together continue making changes to ensure healthy choices are available and accessible to all across our health service."
    Crystie Ballard, Health Promotion Officer, Rochester and Elmore District Health Service.


    Program outline


    1. Training

    Mentorship begin with a three hour training session where you will learn how to implement the Healthy Choices guidelines through a whole-of-organisation approach.


    You will learn:


    - how to apply the Healthy Choices guidelines in different settings

    - how to assess menus, products and recipes online using FoodChecker

    - strategies to gain support from key stakeholders, such as organisational management and retail outlets

    - ways to overcome common barriers

    - how to promote healthier foods and drinks


    The training session is also a great opportunity to meet other people doing similar work, and to make some new contacts.


    Training session are held every few months, according to demand.




    2. Ongoing support

    Change takes time, so after attending training you will have ongoing support from the dietitians and nutritionists at the Healthy Eating Advisory Service.


    You can call or email at any time for advice and to troubleshoot any issues you’re having with creating healthy changes.


    You’ll also have ongoing networking opportunities with other mentees through an online group, where you can seek support to overcome challenges, share information and your experience.




    3. Regular follow up

    Over the next year, we will follow up with you every three months to see how you’re doing and to offer any further support.


    At the 3, 6 and 12 month follow ups we’ll ask you to report on key data, such as the number and types of organisations you have engaged with, and information on their progress.


    This helps us measure the impact of the Mentorship Program, and to track where healthy changes are occurring around the state.




    Would you like to join?

    If you’re interested in joining the Mentorship Program, please contact us on or call 1300 22 52 88.


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