'Capture Your Canteen' photo competition

Thank you to every school that entered Capture Your Canteen 2019. We were thrilled with your submissions, which prove that Victorian schools are doing excellent work to promote healthy eating!


$500 major prize winner

We were looking for entries that showcase colourful and creative ways that the school promotes healthy eating in its canteen or food service in everyday ways.

Glenvale School

Congratulations Glenvale School, you have won $500 to support your goal of purchasing some new cooking equipment for the canteen, and supplies for the kitchen garden.

We loved the way you style meals and snacks, to make healthy foods the must-have foods! Whether it’s rainbow veggie sticks served in muffin cases, baked potatoes topped with colourful coleslaw, or cut fruits displayed on a cake stand, every item demonstrates simple yet effective ways to promote healthy options.

You told us you wanted to use the prize money to buy cooking equipment and resources for the kitchen garden, which demonstrate your commitment to embedding healthy eating in the school through sustainable actions, not once-off activities.



Runner up prizes

There was something to love in every entry! Here are our 12 favourites that have each won a copy of Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids cookbook, signed by Stephanie herself!




These schools demonstrated ways to display healthy foods and drinks for maximum visual impact.

St Pauls Anglican Grammar School: This is the most intricate food display we’ve ever seen - Displaying healthy snacks as cars, caterpillars, unicorns, books and more!


St Joseph’s Primary School (Rochester): Another strong example of creative ways to display meals and snacks for ‘wow factor’.


Keilor Downs College: We can’t decide what we loved most: your eye-catching salad displays, or your fruit and veg costumes!


Marlborough Primary: It looks like the students had a great time helping to paint your canteen’s colourful fruit and veg mural.



Fab food

These schools showcased examples of healthy and attractive food and drinks.

Kalianna School: You showed us a mouth-watering selection of colourful meals that are loaded with fruit or veg!


St Ambrose Parish Primary: Your fresh produce baskets and cheese star ‘cut outs’ bring a fresh and fun twist to the canteen.


Rutherglen High School: We loved that you sell canteen favourites with fresh twist, such as san choy bau, a DIY salad and pasta bar, and burgers loaded with veg.



Canteen set-up

These schools showed us their engaging canteen environments that promote healthy eating.

Beaumaris Primary School: A cosy canteen area decorated with plenty of greenery, and colourful signage to promote their menu specials.


Mount Dandenong Primary School: The colourful café-like set up makes us want to go back to school!


Clonard College: Having a display fridge at the counter puts colourful fruit salads, yoghurt snacks, sandwiches front and centre in student’s minds.


Maryborough Education Centre: Healthy eating is at the forefront of this canteen - literally. There’s plenty of posters, signage and news articles to communicate healthy eating messages.



Honorary mention

Officer Secondary College: We hope you had as much fun writing your entry poem as we had reading it!

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