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Your vending supply service can lead the way to providing healthier foods and drinks!

Many organisations are becoming more aware of how the food and drinks they provide can impact on the health and wellbeing of their staff and visitors. Workplaces, hospitals and health services, sport and recreation centres, parks and universities are seeking ways they can offer healthier choices through vending machines and other areas where food and drinks are provided. That’s where you come in!

As a vending supplier, you can help to support these organisations and secure their business by offering healthier food and drink options in your vending machines.

As a healthy vending machine supplier you can:

  • attract new business from health-conscious organisations
  • meet the demand from organisations requiring the supply of healthier food and drinks as part of their contracts or policies
  • promote yourself as a business that supports health promoting environments
  • establish yourself as a leader of healthy vending within the vending industry.


Healthy Choices guidelines

The Victorian Government has developed the Healthy Choices guidelines to help make sure that healthy foods and drinks are offered and promoted in places like workplaces, hospitals and health services, sport and recreation centres, parks and universities.

The guidelines classify foods and drinks as GREEN (best choices), AMBER (choose carefully) and RED (limit) . To learn more about each classification visit Traffic Light System

For a healthy vending machine, the Healthy Choices guidelines recommend that:

  • at least 50% of foods and drinks are from the GREEN category
  • GREEN choices are placed in the most obvious, prominent positions (e.g. at eye level)
  • no more than 20% of foods and drinks are from the RED category
  • RED choices are placed in the least prominent positions (e.g. at the bottom of the machine).

In a healthy vending machine, AMBER foods and drinks may also be supplied, but should not be placed more prominently than GREEN choices.

Visit the Healthy Choices section of our website for more information. 


Vending machine assessments

We encourage all vending suppliers to assess your vending machine online with FoodChecker. You will receive feedback on the foods and drinks you supply, and tailored recommendations for healthier changes to meet the Healthy Choices guidelines.


What can you do to start providing healthier food and drinks?

For support or more information about supplying healthier food and drinks through your vending machines, contact the Healthy Eating Advisory Service on 1300 22 52 88 or email us.

Promote your healthy vending machines and label the contents as GREEN, AMBER and RED by displaying the Healthy Choices signage. Find out more here.

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