Healthy fundraising ideas

Healthier food options can be provided for one-off fundraising events and ‘drives’.

Schools can replace traditional school fundraising activities such as cake stalls, chocolate drives and sausage sizzles with healthier options to promote healthy eating to students, families and the wider community.

Healthy school fundraising has many benefits including:

  • celebrating healthy foods and drinks as fun, enjoyable options
  • reinforcing healthy eating messages taught in classrooms
  • supporting a healthy school culture where healthy eating is the ‘norm’, and
  • supporting the school to meet the School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy.

Aim to involve the school principal, school council, staff, students, families, local businesses and supporting community groups in the planning and delivery of fundraising activities to ensure their success.

Tip: Students can help with fundraisers by helping to prepare foods as part of their cooking classes or making low cost items to sell at fetes.

Below are some of options to raise funds in a healthy way.


Fundraising drives

Try these ideas:

  • popcorn packs
  • dried fruit truffle balls
  • vegie crisps, rice crackers, corn crackers
  • roasted chickpeas, roasted peas, roasted nuts
  • dried fruit, nut and muesli nibble mixes

Save money by buying items in bulk and dividing them into small snack bags.


Fetes, stalls, fairs and special events

The ideas above can be sold as healthy options for events too.

You can also try:

  • fruit boxes e.g. seasonal mango fundraisers
  • fruit salads or kebab sticks with yoghurt
  • apple slinkies
  • fruit smoothies (with reduced fat milk and yoghurt)

For more snack ideas see Small cheap and healthy snacks.


Healthy barbeques

Barbeques are a great way for school staff, students, families and the wider community to socialise. Healthy barbeques foods include:

  • grilled vegetables (e.g. corn cobs, mushrooms, tomatoes) and vegetable kebab sticks
  • lean meat or chicken kebab sticks or patties
  • vegie patties
  • wholegrain and wholemeal breads
  • a range of salads

For other healthy barbeque ideas and a cost comparison, see Planning the menu and Hosting a healthy barbecue: better for our health and budget.


Cultural theme days

Celebrate cultural diversity in your school community by running a fundraising day that sells a range of foods from around the world.

Schools can also request a gold coin donation for students to wear an iconic piece of clothing. For inspiration, here are some ideas to help you get started:

Harmony Week

Organise a healthy barbeque and/or provide foods and drinks that reflect the cultural diversity of your school along with other activities such as:

  • dressing the part, by having students and staff wear their traditional cultural dress or wear orange
  • celebrating with decorations, music, competitions, and other fun activities.
Explore the Orient

Sell a variety of Asian inspired dishes including:

  • sushi (nori) or rice paper rolls (no deep fried fillings)
  • Vietnamese rolls (Banh Mi): Crusty bread rolls filled with lean meat, lettuce, grated carrot, bean shoots, and coriander
  • fried rice and noodle dishes
  • honey soy chicken skewers: Skinless chicken and vegetable skewers, grilled and served with a small amount of honey soy dipping sauce
  • stir fries made with lean meat, skinless chicken or seafood, plenty of vegetables and minimal oil.
A taste of Italy

Sell a range of popular Italian foods such as:

  • pizza made with wholemeal pizza wraps, or English muffin bases and topped with lean meats and vegetables
  • pasta and lasagne made with vegetable based sauces and lean meats, chicken or seafood
  • bruschetta


Or find some non-food fundraising ideas here.

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