Vic Kids Eat Well

Vic Kids Eat Well is an exciting state-wide movement that’s focused on transforming the food and drink environments where kids spend their time.

Environments shape kids’ behaviour, impacting what they want to eat and drink. When children are surrounded by unhealthy food and sugary drinks, and bombarded with marketing for processed food packed with sugar and salt, it’s no wonder they choose unhealthy options.

The initiative is working with schools, out of school hours care (OSHC) and a wide range of community organisations – such as sports clubs and community facilities to provide healthier food and drink options.

Vic Kids Eat Well focuses on four key healthy food and drink actions - providing clear, simple and achievable steps to making healthy options available for kids. These actions include:

  • Refreshing the fridge – give sugary drinks the boot and let water take the spotlight.
  • Switching up the snacks – ditch the sweets and offer delicious healthy snacks that give kids the fuel they need.
  • Changing up the menu – give fruit and veggies a chance to shine.
  • Putting the ‘fun’ into fundraising and marketing.

The Vic Kids Eat Well movement supports organisations to meet the relevant food and drink policies and guidelines and receive Victorian Government recognition for the Achievement Program’s healthy eating benchmark.

Vic Kids Eat Well is supported by the Victorian Government, and is delivered by Cancer Council Victoria’s Achievement Program, in partnership with Nutrition Australia’s Healthy Eating Advisory Service.

For more information visit the Vic Kids Eat Well website.

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