Training for long day care

Learn how to plan healthy menus and promote healthy eating with our free online training modules!

We have two modules dedicated to long day care services:

  1. Planning healthy menus for long day care
  2. Promoting healthy eating in long day care

Training is recommended for: 

  • cooks
  • directors
  • educators

These modules will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to meet the healthy eating requirements of the National Quality Standard, Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations, and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework outcomes.

You can do online training anywhere, anytime. They each take less than one hour to finish, and you can do it at your own pace by saving your progress as you go. 

You will be able to download a certificate after completing a short post-training questionnaire.

"This course provides a lot of information which can we use everyday. I would fully recommended this course to every childcare educator in Australia."
Training participant

Planning healthy menus for long day care - you will learn:

  • about the Victorian Menu planning guidelines for long day care
  • how to plan healthy menus online using FoodChecker
  • simple meal, snack and drink ideas for children
  • healthy ingredient swaps and shopping tips
  • ways to deal with challenges like food allergies and budgeting
  • how educators can promote healthy eating at meal times and play time
  • and much more!

Promoting healthy eating in long day care - will give you confidence to:

  • introduce foods to children at your service in fun and engaging ways to help deal with food refusal and fussy eating 
  • role model healthy eating to the children in your care 
  • make healthy eating the ‘norm’ not the exception in your room 
  • reflect on what your centre does to promote healthy eating 
  • communicate your learnings back to your centre being a champion for change 
  • promote healthy eating changes to the families at your service .

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Want to organise a training workshop?

We can also deliver group training workshops online or in person. Please contact us to enquire about hosting a session.

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