Understanding the Healthy Choices guidelines for point of sale staff

Learn how to implement changes to provide and promote healthier foods and drinks in your organisation.

You will get the essential skills and knowledge to transform your business to meet the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines for:

  • workplaces
  • hospitals and health services*
  • sport and recreation centres
  • tertiary institutions
  • parks

*this training covers the general Healthy Choices guidelines, not the Healthy choices: policy directive for Victorian public health services. For tailored support in understanding and implementing the Policy directive please contact us directly.

You will be able to download a certificate after completing a short post-training questionnaire.

Who is this training for: healthy choices implementers

“Very helpful and covers all areas for making healthy choices. This module should be compulsory for all staff at food retailers.”

“It was a great information session. Now I go looking for the healthier ‘GREEN’ foods everywhere I go. All businesses with a canteen should attend.”

Learn through our learning management system
Free online module
Takes less than one hour to finish
This module is self paced

Learn about:

  • the importance of promoting healthy eating in your community
  • about the Victorian Governments’ Healthy Choices guidelines for retail food outlets and caterers
  • how foods and drinks are classified using a traffic light system: GREEN, AMBER and RED
  • how to label and promote foods and drinks according to their classification