Apple and raspberry bircher muesli

A quick, tasty and healthy breakfast idea.
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Glass filled bircher muesli, topped with apple and raspberries with a spoon laying next to it
g Best choice V Vegetarian SF Soy free FS Fish and shellfish free Breakfast
  1. Combine oats, milk, apple, pepitas and orange juice in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate overnight.


  • Use strawberries or other seasonal fruits in place of raspberries if desired.
  • Try using different nuts and seeds to vary the taste and texture. Hazelnuts or slivered almonds could be used instead of pistachios.
  • Poached, stewed or canned fruits (e.g. pear, rhubarb, peaches or apricots) could be used in place of the raspberries to garnish the muesli.
  • For an extra fruity version, puree 250g of raspberries to make a raspberry coulis, and add a small amount to the bottom of each bowl or glass before the muesli (as in picture).
  • The nutritional information provided is based on the exact ingredients and method as shown. Any variation/s to the ingredients or method may alter the nutritional outcome.

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