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You’ve come to the right place to learn about promoting healthy eating and encouraging healthier food and drink choices in your sport and recreation facility. We have supported many Victorian organisations to successfully make changes to improve the food and drinks offered in their food outlets, vending machines and through catering.

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This can support you to meet the requirements of the Healthy choices: policy guidelines for sport and recreation centres.

If you’re a sporting club we encourage you to register for Vic Kids Eat Well – an exciting state-wide movement that helps boosts healthy food and drink options available for kids at school, sports clubs, outside school hours care and community organisations.

Promote healthy eating within your organisation

We have developed a range of resources to support your team in promoting healthy eating in your sport and recreation facility.

Browse healthy recipes

Looking for inspiration for your cafe, kiosk or catering menu? We have developed a library of recipes including main meals, snacks and more! All recipes have been tested and classified as GREEN or AMBER, in line with the Victorian Government’s Healthy choices: food and drink classification guide.

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Sticky carrot cake View recipe
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Sweet potato wedges View recipe

Assess your menu with FoodChecker

FoodChecker will assess your menus, vending machines, recipes and products according to the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines. Get a free and instant report including recommendations for healthier alternatives.

Plan your menu

Check out our resources dedicated to menu planning in your kiosk, cafe or catering service.

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Recipes View page

Better understand the Healthy Choices guidelines

The advice provided by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service is in line with the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices framework. Access all of the relevant guidelines for your organisation – all conveniently located in one place.

Find food and drink inspiration

We have lots of great food and drink ideas you can incorporate into your cafes and kiosks.

Take part in training and access other programs

Learn how to provide and promote healthier foods and drinks in your sport and recreation facility with our online training modules. Get the essential skills and knowledge to transform your food provision to meet the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines. You can also progress towards the Healthy Choices guidelines by joining the Vic Kids Eat Well movement where you can receive tailored support to tackle changes – one ‘bite’ at a time.

Develop healthy eating policies and contracts for your organisation

Including the Healthy Choices guidelines in your organisation’s policies and supplier contracts is an important part of creating a sustainable, healthier food environment. Access free resources to assist you in creating or reviewing your organisation’s policies and contracts.

Healthier catering, vending and retail food outlets

Your facility’s food and drink provision may include food retail outlets such as a cafe, kiosk, vending, catering or all of the above! We have developed an extensive suite of resources to assist you in providing food and drinks in line with the Healthy Choices guidelines.

Popular resources
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Healthy vending View resource