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Since 2012, the Healthy Eating Advisory Service has supported organisations across Victoria to promote healthier foods and drinks and meet government food and drink policies and guidelines. We want to ensure that healthier food and drink options are ‘the norm’, not the exception.

Learn more about our mission, objectives and how we support organisations.

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Collaborating for change

We know that through collaboration we can increase our impact and reach, ensuring that all Victorians have access to healthier food and drinks. Together, we can make healthy eating easy, accessible, and the norm across our communities.

We work with like-minded organisations to progress healthy eating initiatives and systems change.

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Impact and reach

We empower organisations to implement effective and sustainable change to their food and drink provision.

To date, we have supported over 3,300 organisations, across almost all Victorian local government areas, reaching an estimated 1.35 million Victorians.

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Find out why healthy eating is important for your organisation

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[Text displayed on screen] Why healthy eating is important for your organisation. 

With our increasingly busy lives, we seem to be eating away from home more often.  

But even when we go to canteens or vending machines for foods or drinks, it should be easy to find tasty and nutritious options.  

Our organizations have policies that promote work, health and safety, and that should extend to the food and drinks we provide to our staff and community.  

Particularly for health focused organizations, it’s important that we walk the talk. The alternative, after all, paints a worrying picture.  

Every year, obesity costs the Australian economy $8.6 billion. Sick days top $1 billion a year in lost productivity.  

But we can help turn that around. Healthier staff have more energy and are more focused and productive.  

And for community organizations, providing healthy food and drinks goes hand in hand with our purpose.  

Offering healthier food and drinks isn’t about taking away choice. It’s about providing a wider variety of convenient, healthy options as well.  

In fact, research shows that given the options, most people will simply choose from the more nutritious foods available. So the change won’t make a dent in your cafe’s bottom line.  

And you don’t have to make the switch on your own. The Victorian government’s food and drink guidelines can steer your organization through the process.  

They outline how to provide and promote healthier options in food outlets, vending machines, catering, sponsorship, and fundraising.  

So now it’s up to you. Make the change to healthier foods and drinks for your staff and community. It’s a win-win.  

For more advice and support, visit the Healthy Eating Advisory service online. 

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