Health Promoter Resources

You’ve come to the right place to access our expert-designed resources to help you to support long day care services implement healthier food environments.

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Welcome to your home for making healthy eating easier in long day care services! We’ve got a growing suite of co-designed resources designed to help you support these services and meet the Menu planning guidelines for long day care.

Start with Cooks Connect – it’s a comprehensive set of tools, resources and support to help you set up and run your own cooks network. We heard from others like you that it’s a great way to achieve your health promotion goals. Let us know when you get started, we’re here to help!

Cooks Connect

Introducing Cooks Connect, part of a new Healthy Eating Advisory Service initiative, designed to empower Health Promotion Officers in establishing and running a local cooks network. Co-designed and piloted with experienced health promoters, Cooks Connect offers an all-inclusive package to fuel your success and achieve your health promotion goals.

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