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Healthy Choices: policy guidelines for sport and recreation centres
Sport & recreation

Policy guidelines to support the application of Healthy Choices.

What is this for?
These policy guidelines help sport and recreation centres in Victoria to apply Healthy Choices.

This policy addresses on-site food and drink retail outlets, vending machines and catering, organisational policy, tenders, contracts, fundraising and leases with food and drink suppliers and retailers.

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Healthy choices: food and drink classification guide
Sport & recreation Food industry

A system for classifying foods and drinks.

What is this for?
The Victorian Government's Healthy Choices guidelines use a traffic light system to classify foods and drinks as GREEN, AMBER or RED.

This resource describes the processes used to classify items and defines the types of foods and drinks in each category. FoodChecker allows you to assess foods and drinks according to these Healthy Choices guidelines.

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