Organisational policy and supplier contracts

Including the Healthy Choices guidelines in your organisation’s policies and contracts with suppliers is an important part of the whole of service approach to healthy eating.


Organisational policy

Having a commitment to provide and promote healthy foods and drinks in your organisation’s policies will:

  • show your organisation is committed to promoting good health
  • help make sure your efforts in supporting healthy eating are long term and sustainable
  • incorporate healthy eating into your organisation’s culture
  • ensure healthy eating is promoted across the whole organisation
  • provide clear direction and support to everyone involved in making healthy changes.

The Healthy Choices: healthy eating policy and catering guide for workplaces provides step by step instructions on how to implement a healthy eating policy in your organisation, and includes a comprehensive policy template which you can adapt.

You can also use this simplified template in any relevant policies that you currently have (e.g. health and wellbeing policy), or use the simplified template as a starting point, and amend it as needed.

Sport and Recreation Victoria has developed an implementation plan template for councils that are required to implement Healthy Choices in sport and recreation facilities as part of their state government funding agreements. But this resource is useful for any sport and recreation facility to take a whole-of-organisation approach to implementing the Healthy Choices guidelines.


Contracts, tenders and food service agreements with suppliers

Organisations may have contracts or lease agreements with food service providers like retail outlets, caterers and vending machine suppliers.

Having a requirement to provide and promote healthy foods and drinks in these leases and contracts as well as food service tenders will:

  • help make your efforts in supporting healthy eating long term and embedded into your organisation’s procedures
  • help ensure food service providers in your organisation are committed to health and wellbeing
  • support food service providers wanting to make healthy changes
  • demonstrate your leadership and commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles.

This template is an example of how you can include the Healthy Choices guidelines in tenders, contracts and leases with food service providers.

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