Schools case studies

See how others have created healthy change in their school.

In Victoria


Maryborough Education Centre


This Prep-Year 12 school's successful two-year canteen transformation shows that making healthy changes doesn’t have to happen overnight. 


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Clonard College


Clonard College is putting student wellbeing first, by piloting 'Fit2Thrive' a program that aims to improve outcomes via healthy eating.


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St Brendan's Catholic Primary School


St Brendan's Catholic Primary School is supporting healthy eating messages by involving students, staff and the wider community in a kitchen garden program.


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Bruthen Primary School


Bruthen Primary School has created calmer classrooms, focused students and reduced behavioural problems, by improving the foods and drinks that children consume at school.


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Red Cliffs Bakery


Red Cliffs Bakery near Mildura has reformulated four popular savoury pastries to create healthier AMBER products that local schools can order wholesale.


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Marlborough Primary School


When the Marlborough Primary School council chose to focus on student health and wellbeing, they thought "How could we not look at the canteen?".


See their steps to success in this video.



Buckley Park College

When Buckley Park College canteen engaged staff, students and parents to provide healthier food and increase canteen sales.


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In other states


Canobolas Rural Technology High School (NSW)

Blackheath Public School canteen has overcome challenges of finding and keeping volunteers, to provide a healthy and inviting fresh food menu, whilst remaining financially sustainable.


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Blackheath Public School (NSW)

See how Blackheath Public School has overcome challenges to provide a healthy and inviting fresh food menu.


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