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Making veggies fun for kids

Party platter

Include veggie slices (e.g. tomato, red capsicum, cucumber, steamed carrot) and dips. For flavour and variety add fruit, cheese and lean cold meats. You can also add a selection of veggies to your regular fruit platter (e.g. strips of capsicum, cucumber, grated carrot).

Ants on a log

Fill celery sticks with cream cheese or peanut butter (if allowed) and dot with currants or sultanas.

Corn cobs

Corny cobs

Steam corn on the cob or cook frozen corn cobbettes.

Veggie crackers

Top wholemeal crispbread, corn thins or rice crackers with cottage or cream cheese and your choice of avocado, lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

Homemade cuppa soup

Serve small portions in cups on a cold day. For fun, try Pumped up pumpkin or Shrek soup (green pea and ham).

Super salads

Toss chopped fresh vegetables to make a garden salad, or combine roasted veggies to make a warm roast veggie salad (add some grilled chicken breast for variety).

Carrot and raisin sunshine salad

Mix shredded carrots with raisins and natural yoghurt and serve in iceberg lettuce leaves. Click here for the recipe.

Veggie ‘chips’

Make sweet crunchy chips by slicing carrot, zucchini, potato and sweet potato, spraying with olive oil and baking until golden.

Veggie slice

Veggie slice

Mix grated vegetables (e.g. zucchini) with chopped onion, cheese, flour and eggs and bake in a moderate oven until golden brown.

Veggie pita pockets

Encourage kids to fill pita pockets with their choice of chopped vegetables and dips.

Veggie muffins

Try pumpkin and zucchini, carrot and sultana, cheese and corn, pumpkin and date, sweet potato, zucchini and poppy seed.

Beans in a cup

Serve warm baked beans topped with grated cheese in a cup or pour the beans over wholegrain toast.

Stuffed spuds

Stuffed spuds

Cook small potatoes, cut the tops off and scoop out some potato. Fill with creamed corn, salsa, coleslaw or baked beans.

Veggie side dishes

Offer a bowl of colourful veggies with main meals and encourage kids to help themselves at the table.

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