Menu planning for family day care

The following guidelines will help you plan a menu that meets the nutritional requirements of children aged 1-5 in family day care.


Menu planning checklist

The Menu planning checklist for family day care outlines the amounts and types of foods required to meet the nutrition and developmental needs of 1–5 year old children in family day care.

Three checklists are available to match the meals times of your family day care. Click a link below to download a suitable 'Menu planning checklist' to plan or review your menu..

Full day, including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner

Half day, including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

Morning tea and afternoon tea only

What’s in a serve?
Explains appropriate serving sizes for children aged 1–5 and provides examples of common foods in each of the core food groups.

What to leave off the menu
Learn what foods and drinks should not be your centre menu, and get some healthier suggestions for special occasions.

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