Healthy choices: healthy eating policy and catering guide for workplaces

Workplaces & Tertiary education

The Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines help make sure that healthy food and drinks are offered and promoted in workplaces and tertiary education settings.

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Why you need to know this guideline?

With diet overtaking smoking as the leading cause of early death and ill health, workplaces and tertiary education settings are ideal settings for encouraging healthy eating as many workers consume at least half their daily meals and snacks during work hours.

This guide is for organisations wanting to provide healthier food and drinks for employees, students and visitors.

The guide in a snapshot

The guide classifies food and drinks as GREEN, AMBER or RED based on the traffic light system in the Healthy choices: food and drink classification guide.

  • GREEN – best choice, to be available at all times and promoted and encouraged when food and drinks are provided by the workplace
  • AMBER – choose carefully and avoid large serves
  • RED – avoid this category of food and drinks

*RED food and drinks are not to be supplied through catering, and no more than 20 per cent of items in vending machines should be RED.

Benefits of creating a healthier organisation

  • better physical and mental health
  • reduce the risk of chronic disease
  • obtain adequate vitamins and minerals and boost immunity
  • reduce absenteeism and turnover

The policy guide includes these sections:

  1. Traffic light system classification guide
  2. Information on healthy choices in workplaces and tertiary education, where they apply and why to implement them
  3. Providing and promoting healthier choices
  4. Implementation guide
  5. Healthy eating policy template
  6. Healthy catering guide
  7. Resources and useful information
  8. Sample action plan

Victorian workplaces can use the Catering for Good Directory to identify and order healthier and more sustainable catering options.

Written and reviewed by dietitians and nutritionists at Nutrition Australia, with support from the Victorian Government.

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