Health Promoter Resources

You’ve come to the right place to access our expert-designed resources to help you to support long day care services in the creation of healthier food environments.

Health promoter celebrating at desk

Welcome to your dedicated hub for supporting healthy eating implementation in long day care services! If you’re a health promoter working with these services, you’ve found your new home. Our team has collaborated closely with health promoters like you to create a tailored suite of resources, making it seamless for you to assist long day care services in meeting the Menu planning guidelines through a whole of service approach.

As of February 2024, our Health Promoter Resources section has been launched, and we’re committed to expanding its content in the upcoming months. Keep an eye on our page and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about the latest additions.

Through a recent needs analysis, we discovered that cooks networks are a prevalent and effective strategy employed by health promoters to achieve their objectives. To support you further, we’ve collaborated with existing cooks networks throughout Victoria to develop a comprehensive set of resources, empowering you to initiate your own cooks network. We highly recommend exploring our Cook Connect initiative – details below. Join us in fostering a healthier future!

Cooks Connect

Cooks Connect is designed to empower Health Promotion Officers in establishing and running a local cooks network for long day care cooks. Co-designed and piloted with experienced health promoters, Cooks Connect is a scalable, statewide suite of specific training, support and resources that builds the capacity of health promoters to establish and manage local cooks networks.