Using FoodChecker for long day care

Early childhood services

FoodChecker is the free way to assess your long day care menu online and get instant feedback!

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The Victorian Government recommends that Victorian long day care services use the Healthy Eating Advisory Service’s FoodChecker to review their menus.

Having a menu assessment will help your early childhood education and care service towards achieving:

You can assess one day or one week to see if it meets the Victorian Menu planning guidelines for long day care.

When you assess your menu on FoodChecker you will receive a report containing your results, plus recommendations for healthy changes.

Once you have made changes to your centre menu, you can reassess it on FoodChecker to see if it meets the guidelines.

Help plan your future menus

You can also use FoodChecker to plan future menus that meet the Victorian Menu planning guidelines for long day care. PLUS you can download a copy of your menu to display, and print a shopping list with all of the ingredients you’ll need for the week.

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Before you begin

Review our getting started guide for tips on creating a healthier food and drink environment in your service. You can also use the menu planning checklist to quick self-assess your menu.

What information will you need to assess your menu?

    • your menu for one day or one week
    • every recipe featured on the menu that you’re going to assess
    • a quantity for each ingredient (e.g. grams, kilograms, litres)
    • the number of children you are cooking for (over 12 months of age)

Before you begin your menu assessment, use the Pre-FoodChecker Checklist to ensure you have collected all the information you will need to complete your assessment

Start using FoodChecker now!

*Victorian long day care services that are registered with the Achievement Program and/or Smiles 4 Miles must provide a FoodChecker menu assessment report which confirms that the menu meets these Victorian guidelines. Using feedAustralia will not provide this requirement. To learn more read the Victorian Government position statement.

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