Breakfast ideas for outside school hours care (OSHC)


Try these healthy and delicious breakfast ideas to provide nutritious foods for children and meet the Food and drink guidelines for outside school hours care.

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Grains (cereal) foods

  • Porridge served with yoghurt and stewed or fresh fruit
  • Wholegrain, low sugar# breakfast cereals e.g. untoasted muesli, WeetbixTM, VitabritsTM, Just RightTM, Uncle Toby’s Fibre PlusTM (or similar), with milk and chopped fruit
  • Congee with meat or chicken and vegetables
  • Pancakes/pikelets with fruit and yoghurt
  • Wholemeal or multigrain toast/muffins/crumpets with:
  • mashed avocado or banana and cinnamon
  • hummus, beetroot dip, tzatziki, tahini or a nut butter (if allergy policy allows)
  • Greek yoghurt and sliced fruit
  • Wholemeal/wholegrain wraps filled with meat or egg, cheese and salad

# Low sugar breakfast cereals = less than 15g per 100g if dried fruit is not an ingredient, or less than 25g per 100g if dried fruit is an ingredient.

Lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, legumes and nuts

  • Baked beans on English muffins topped with grated cheese
  • Bread cups (filled with egg)
  • Eggs (e.g. boiled, poached, scrambled, frittata) with wholemeal toast or crumpets
  • Ham, cheese and pineapple on wholemeal English muffins
  • Hummus dip on wholemeal/multigrain toast
  • French toast topped with ricotta and stewed or fresh fruit

Milk, yoghurt, cheese and alternatives

  • A glass of plain milk
  • Fruit smoothies or lassis
  • Yoghurt with untoasted muesli. Add stewed or fresh fruit
  • Toasted wholemeal/multigrain sandwiches with cheese
  • Cheese (ricotta, cottage, light cream cheese) and tomato on wholemeal/multigrain toast


  • Fruit platter served with yoghurt dip
  • Wholemeal/multigrain jaffles with fruit fillings (e.g. apple/banana, sultanas and cinnamon)
  • Fruit salad topped with oats and yoghurt
  • Fruit bread with apple and ricotta
  • Fruit muffins/loaves^ (e.g. banana bread)

Vegetable and legumes

  • Vegetable muffins^ (e.g. carrot muffins)
  • Mini pizzas, made with wholemeal English muffins, topped with tomato paste, tomato slices, capsicum, mushrooms, pineapple and cheese
  • Vegetable frittata
  • Vegetable omelette
  • Wholemeal/multigrain toast topped with vegetables like cooked tomato, avocado, grilled mushroom

^ Baked items should not be provided every day. If provided, they should preferably include some fruit or vegetables and wholemeal flour. They should not contain large amounts of fat and sugar. They should contain 5g or less of added sugar per serve.

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Written and reviewed by dietitians and nutritionists at Nutrition Australia, with support from the Victorian Government.

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