The Healthy Choices guidelines have been updated

Additional information and criteria have been added to the Victorian Government's Healthy Choices guidelines. These additions will make it easier for you to assess whether the foods and drinks you supply are classified GREEN, AMBER or RED. All of the additions are evidence-based and reflect the current food supply in retail food outlets, vending machines and catering. 

Assessing certain categories of premade, packaged foods and drinks is now much simpler. For example, dip and cracker packs will be assessed on the dip only and any that are based on yoghurt, legumes or vegetables will automatically be classified as GREEN. PLUS new criteria for ready to eat meals means pasta dishes, stir fries, and curries can now be GREEN! Other changes include new criteria for high protein drinks, and updated criteria for milk, tuna snacks, legume snacks, ice creams, yoghurt, sauces and soups.

The additional criteria are now reflected in FoodChecker assessments. Some product classifications may change as a result of the updated criteria, however, previous menu assessments that meet the Healthy Choices guidelines are still valid for 12 months from the date of assessment. As a general rule we recommend that you do a new assessment every 6-12 months to ensure your food and drink classifications are based on the most up to date product information and classification criteria. 

You can find the updated Healthy choices: food and drink classification guide and our summary of what’s changed here.

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