Food and drink ideas

Here you will find a selection of ideas to inspire new and delicious and healthy canteen items that can be made with ease and on a budget.

Many of these suggestions have been provided by school canteens who say they are popular with students and easy to prepare! Share your healthy food ideas with us.

Hot and cold foods

Making ‘amber’ foods healthier
Easy tips to boost the nutritional value of your Select Carefully foods.


Healthy hot food ideas
A list of popular hot foods that are easy to prepare, includes vegetarian options.


Healthy sandwich ideas
Tasty filling and spread ideas, plus tips to increase the sales of your sandwiches and wraps.


Sandwich fillings quantity guide for schools
This at-a-glance guide* will help you to plan and prepare for bulk quantities of common sandwich fillings, and standardise your serving sizes.


Healthier canteen swaps
Swap your Occasionally and Select Carefully items for these healthier alternatives. Includes suggestions for healthier hot foods, cold foods, snacks and drinks.


Fruit snacks
Colourful, fresh ideas to make fruit fun and appealing for students.


Frozen fruit snacks
Tasty frozen fruit ideas that you can make in bulk as a healthy alternative to icy poles.


Small, cheap healthy snacks
A bunch of easy, yummy healthy snacks ideas for canteens.



Resources for parents

Lunchbox resources
A collection of resources to help you pack a delicious and healthy lunchbox that kids will love.


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