Healthy food swaps for OSHC


Small changes can make a big difference!


Healthy food swaps

Try swapping some ingredients or meals on your menu for these healthier alternatives, to make the foods and drinks available more nutritious for the children in your care.

Swap these foods......for these healthier options
Salami, kabana, Strasburg, Devon or middle baconLean ham, canned fish in spring water, sliced chicken or turkey breast
Sausages and sausage mince, frankfurts and hot dogsLean burgers, lean beef or lamb mince, lean beef
Sausage rolls and pies Baked beans on toast, mini pizza faces, toasted sandwiches
JellyFruit yoghurt, fruit platter, canned fruit or custard
ChipsPlain popcorn, baked pita wedges
Swap these foods......for these healthier options
Cakes and sweet biscuitsFruit toast with ricotta and berries, pikelets, wholemeal muffins
Potato gemsJacket potatoes, sweet corn, falafel
Ice creams and icy polesFrozen fruit pieces, fruit smoothies, fruit yoghurt
Juice and cordialWater, plain milk
Cream, sour cream or coconut creamReduced fat coconut milk, evaporated milk, ricotta cheese or natural yoghurt
Butter, copha, ghee or lardMono- or poly-unsaturated oil, margarine

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Written and reviewed by dietitians and nutritionists at Nutrition Australia, with support from the Victorian Government.

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