March 2023

Winchelsea Swimming Pool

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Food kiosk at Winchelsea swimming pool


In 2019 the Winchelsea Swimming Pool kiosk was successfully transformed, from 90% RED items to only GREEN and AMBER.

The success of the initiative is attributed to giving the community input into the process and ownership of the new kiosk design and menu choices.

Engaging the local community

The Shire engaged the community to find out what healthier changes they would like to see, by surveying people regarding their food and drink preferences, and their thoughts on branding and messaging.

Primary school students also got involved by participating in activities during school swimming carnivals, such as taste testing and rating some healthier options. They also suggested ideas for a new design and slogan for the kiosk, prompted by questions like “If a friend asked why it is important to eat healthy, what would you say?”.

Making healthy changes

Surf Coast Shire worked with the Healthy Eating Advisory Service to plan their steps to implement changes, including sourcing healthier food and drinks, and addressing unhealthy promotional materials.

After identifying GREEN (Best Choice) and AMBER (Choose Carefully) products to sell in the kiosk, they found new suppliers to provide them. And they also engaged a graphic designer to create a new brand for the kiosk, which was applied during planned redevelopment works, along with repainting, sourcing an unbranded drinks fridge and ice cream freezer, plus new umbrellas, flags and signage.

Successful results

The kiosk menu now contains 55% GREEN, 45% AMBER and no RED foods and drinks, and the kiosk’s vibrant new design is attracting customers.

The revamped kiosk launch was celebrated with a Summer Pool Party event!

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