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If your catering organisation’s listing on the Catering for Good Directory has or is about to expire, renew your listing by completing this application form.

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Log in to FoodChecker, click 'My assessments' and find the 5 digit ID number for the assessment/s you wish to submit. Enter multiple assessments as comma separated values.
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*Certified social enterprises are social enterprises that have been certified by Social Traders, and Victorian Aboriginal businesses are Victorian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander owned businesses that have been certified by Kinaway.
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Note: The ban of certain single-use plastics as of 1 February 2023 means all caterers are required to comply with this legislation. For more information on the ban of single use plastics, please go to Businesses can also call a hotline 1800 844 946 or email

I give permission for our logo to be copied from our website (provided above) and used alongside our organisation’s listing on the directory. (If you select no, a HEAS staff member will contact you to discuss.):