Sesame allergy

Avoiding sesame is essential for children that have a confirmed allergy to sesame.


Allergy action plan

Allergy action plans are recommended to advise staff what to do if a known allergen is ingested. The action plan should be developed with the child’s family and treating team (doctor, allergist, paediatrician) and be approved and signed by a recognised health professional involved in their care.

On enrolment, services should request written documentation of confirmed allergies from the child’s treating team. Parents should document exactly what their child can and cannot tolerate to avoid confusion and this should be written on the allergy action plan. Specialised anaphylaxis action plans are essential for children with anaphylactic reactions.

For information about developing an allergy action plan refer to Allergy policy and allergy action plans or the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA)* website


Avoiding sesame

The following food and ingredients contain sesame and should be avoided:

Foods and ingredients that contain sesame

Aqua libra


Sesame seeds






Sesame snacks

Sim Sim

Sesame oil





Gingelly seeds

Gomasio/sesame salt

Tahini/sesame paste

Check labels for the following foods and ingredients which may contain sesame:

Foods and ingredients that may contain sesame

Asian food

Muesli and muesli bars

Dips and spreads

Herbs and spices


Snacks (e.g. middle eastern snacks)

Baked goods (breads, buns, sweet or savoury biscuits)

Turkish bread

Vegetarian foods

Breakfast cereals

Marinades and dressings

Note: Bakery items (especially unpackaged items) are a high risk for cross contamination.


* The ASCIA website includes personal action plans for allergic reactions and for anaphylaxis. These are medical documents that can only be completed and signed by the patient’s treating medical doctor and cannot be altered without their permission.

Reference: Dietary avoidance - sesame allergy, Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, 2013,

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