Staffrooms and staff kitchens

In addition to having healthy foods and drinks available in your organisation (e.g. through retail outlets, vending machines or catering), it is also important to have facilities which allow staff to prepare healthy meals and snacks they bring to work from home.

Usually staff will prepare meals and snacks in a staff kitchen or a staffroom, so in these areas make sure there is:

  • a refrigerator and freezer
  • cutlery and crockery
  • knives and chopping boards
  • cupboard space for staff to store food
  • running water and sink
  • a microwave
  • a toaster or toasted sandwich maker


Foods and drinks provided for employees

In some organisations, snacks and drinks may be available for staff free of charge, for example: milk, biscuits, fruit box, butter and margarine, salt and pepper.

Here are some ideas to help you provide foods and drinks in line with the Healthy Choices guidelines:

  • Stock reduced fat milk in the staff fridge (regular fat milk may also be required).
  • Offer artificial sweeteners as an alternative to sugar for tea and coffee.
  • Place a fruit box in the staff room or staff kitchen.
  • If you offer biscuits, choose healthier varieties (e.g. plain, uncoated, high fibre) instead of iced or cream-filled options.
  • Replace lollies with sugar free mints.
  • Replace butter with an unsaturated spread or oil (e.g. olive oil, margarine).
  • Remove salt shakers, or place these out of sight.

If you offer breakfast for staff, try some of these healthier options:

  • wholegrain or wholemeal bread
  • avocado
  • tomatoes
  • ricotta cheese or other reduced fat cheese
  • reduced fat milk
  • reduced fat yoghurt
  • fresh fruit
  • wholegrain cereal (e.g. muesli, oats or wheat biscuits)
  • eggs

For more information about food preparation facilities and healthy foods and drinks for employees refer to the Healthy choices: policy and catering guidelines for workplaces

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