Looking for support with healthy eating and oral health in your early years service?

Did you know that 2021 is the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables?

This is the perfect time to consider how your service is promoting healthy eating and oral health. There’s help out there to get you started!

When it comes to helping children reach their fullest potential healthy eating and oral health are key. As an early childhood service you don't have to do it alone when embedding these values into your programs. There are plenty of organisations that can help you build a healthy eating and oral health culture into all areas of your early childhood service. Looking for inspiration? Well Matron Swinton Child Care Centre in Warrnambool did just that!

Read their case study to see how they used several organisations (including the Healthy Eating Advisory Service, the Achievement Program, Smiles 4 Miles and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation) to help the children in their service establish healthy eating habits and meet their learning and development needs.

Finally, check out this infographic which shows how these Victorian organisations can support your early childhood service with healthy eating and oral health. Whether you use one or all of us, we are here to help!