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If your catering organisation is interested in being listed on the Catering for Good Directory, watch the video guide and follow the steps below to apply.

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Are you a caterer or food business based in Victoria? You can now be part of the movement to create a healthier and more sustainable community for all Victorians and have the opportunity to grow your business at the same time. Introducing the Catering for Good Directory. The Catering for Good Directory is an online directory of caterers developed to help Victorian workplaces access healthier and more sustainable catering options.

The Catering for Good Directory will also showcase organisations that are certified social enterprises and Victorian aboriginal businesses. By applying to be listed on the directory, you will be visible to workplaces across Victoria who want to provide healthier and more sustainable catering options to their staff and visitors. To register your business, you need to follow a few simple steps which the Healthy Eating Advisory service is here to support you with. First visit Food checker to assess your menu against the healthy choices guidelines. Food Checker uses a traffic light system to classify different food items as either green best choice amber choose carefully or red limit. Your green and amber items assessed will be displayed and promoted on the directory, but no red items will be promoted This is in order to help workplaces view and order healthier food and drink options. Then visit the catering for good Web page and complete an application to have your organisation listed on the directory. Once approved by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service, Victorian workplaces will be able to find catering organisations like yours for their next meeting, event or function. And if at any point along the way, you get stuck or have questions don’t worry, The Healthy Eating Advisory Service is here to support you.

You can contact the Healthy Eating Advisory Service at catering for good at nutrition or call us on 130225288 or head to for good to find out more about applying to have your organisation listed on the catering for good directory. So to help grow your business and support a healthier and more sustainable Victoria visit cateringforgood today.

Step 1. Complete a FoodChecker Assessment:

FoodChecker is a free online tool developed by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service, that assesses menus, recipes, and products against the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines. FoodChecker produces a report with your menu items classified as GREEN (Best choice), AMBER (Choose carefully), and/or RED (Limit), as well as recommendations on how to make your items healthier.

Completing a FoodChecker menu assessment is required as part of your application for the Catering for Good Directory, and is an opportunity to showcase your GREEN and AMBER category food and drink options on the Directory, for workplaces to order from. Any RED items assessed will not be displayed on the Directory. If you have catering packages, platters, or seasonal menus, assess these as separate menus and note down each FoodChecker ID number. This means you will have a separate assessment for each platter, package, or seasonal menu your organisation offers.

Follow the steps below to successfully assess your menu/s:

  1. Visit FoodChecker
  2. Log in or register a new account
  3. Click ‘Start assessment’ then select Victoria – All other retail outlets, catering and vending
  4. Select ‘Assess full menu’ and follow the prompts
  5. When asked ‘What type of menu assessment is this?’ select ‘Catering menu’
  6. Complete your assessment and save your PDF report, and note down your FoodChecker ID number/s.

NOTE: To be listed on the Catering for Good Directory, your FoodChecker menu assessment/s will not need to achieve the ‘meets targets’ status. You can submit an application if your assessed menu/s have GREEN and/or AMBER items. Any RED items assessed will not be displayed on your menu on the Directory. This is to promote the purchasing of healthier catering options for workplaces. If your catering organisation would like further support increasing the proportion of GREEN and AMBER items offered, email HEAS at

TIP: To encourage the use of seasonal produce, fruit and vegetables on this menu may be substituted for different seasonal fruit or vegetables in the same quantity and the menu item will maintain the same classification.

Step 2. Complete the Catering for Good Directory application form:

Once you have completed your FoodChecker menu assessments and have your FoodChecker ID number/s, complete your application form here to be considered for the Catering for Good Directory. To be listed you will need to submit FoodChecker assessment/s and be located in Victoria.

In this application form, you can select, if relevant, whether your organisation is a:

  • Certified social enterprise*, or
  • Victorian Aboriginal business*

*Certified social enterprises are social enterprises that have been certified by Social Traders, and Victorian Aboriginal businesses are Victorian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander owned businesses that have been certified by Kinaway.

In addition, you can showcase your organisation’s sustainable business practices on the Catering for Good Directory by selecting any relevant practices from the list below:

  • Implements a sustainability policy, plan, strategy or circular business practices
  • Implements strategies to reduce food waste (e.g., donates food from cancelled orders, composts organic waste, repurposes food scraps to create new ingredients or menu options, provides food ordering quantity advice to customers to avoid food waste from over-ordering)
  • Preferences locally grown produce where possible
  • Changes up menus based on seasonal produce
  • Uses renewable energy and/or implements other practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provides vegetarian and/or vegan options
  • Provides food on or in re-useable or returnable, non-disposable serving platters or containers

Click here to complete your application form.

TIP: To find your FoodChecker menu assessment ID number/s, log in to FoodChecker, click ‘My assessments’ and find the 5-digit ID number for the assessment/s you wish to submit.

Step 3. View your organisation on the Catering for Good Directory!

Once you have submitted your application to be listed on the Catering for Good Directory, HEAS will review and notify you of the outcome!

Once approved, you can find your organisation or food business listed on the Catering for Good Directory here.

Further support

For further information or assistance on how to apply to be listed on the Catering for Good Directory, contact HEAS at or call the Infoline 1300 22 52 88.


For more information please phone 1300 22 52 88 or email

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Written and reviewed by dietitians and nutritionists at Nutrition Australia, with support from the Victorian Government.

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Catering for Good

The Catering for Good Directory has been developed to help Victorian workplaces access healthier and more sustainable catering. The Directory also highlights caterers who offer social benefits to the community.