Non-food fundraising ideas

Early childhood services

When it comes to fundraising at your service it’s easy to go straight to food, but there are so many creative and fun alternatives!

Toddler sitting on the floor playing with toys

Activities and games

Request a gold coin donation to participate in activities and games including:

  • make your own badges, cards, calendars or bandanas
  • guess the number of beans to win a prize
  • get your teachers/carers involved with fun challenges (eg, ice bucket, dress up or beard shaving challenge)
  • run, walk, bike, skip, dance, aerobic, aqua and skate-a-thons
  • tug-of-war, egg and spoon, or three-legged races

Raffles and auctions

Sell raffle tickets or take auction bids for donated goods and services from local businesses such as:

  • gift hampers car services and car washes
  • haircuts and colours
  • window washing, gardening, mowing
  • sport shoes and sporting equipment
  • music and movie vouchers
  • a weekend away at a beach holiday house
  • magazine subscriptions

Low cost item sales

Mark special events such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day by selling low cost items such as:

  • flowers and small pot plants
  • gift sets for men (e.g. shaving kits)
  • gift sets for women (e.g. nail polish)
  • healthy cookbooks and kitchen supplies

Many low cost items can also be sold throughout the year such as:

  • stationery and stickers
  • second-hand book stall
  • toys (e.g. tennis balls, kites, glow sticks)
  • small sunblock tubes
  • personalised calendars, plates, mugs etc

Dress-up days and social events

Request a gold coin donation for themed dress-up days and social activities such as:

  • multicultural celebration days
  • favourite sporting team colours
  • school discos and concerts
  • costume nights
  • casual dress days
  • face painting days
  • fetes and stalls (ideas above)
  • cinema and trivia nights

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