Menu, product and recipe assessments


Get a free and instant report of the food and drinks you supply with our new online assessment tool, FoodChecker!

Use FoodChecker to assess your canteen menu against the Victorian Government’s school canteen policy.

You can assess your whole menu (including hot foods, cold foods, drinks and snacks), or find out the classification (GREEN, AMBER or RED) of individual products and recipes.

You can use FoodChecker to:

  • assess your current menu against the policy to get recommendations for healthy changes
  • plan a menu that meets the policy with more than 60% GREEN, less than 40% AMBER, and no RED items
  • assess individual recipes
  • classify individual products and find healthier alternatives

When you use FoodChecker you will receive an instant report that you can read on screen or save as a PDF. It contains feedback on every food and drink you supply, and provides tailored recommendations for healthier changes to meet the requirements of the school canteen policy.

You can do an assessment anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device!

"FoodChecker is brilliant and makes assessing recipes so quick and easy."
- FoodChecker user

Using FoodChecker to assess and plan your school canteen menus will also help you work towards the Healthy Eating and Oral Health Benchmarks of the Achievement Program

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Menu assessments

You can use FoodChecker to assess your whole canteen menu, including recipes made on site, branded products, and stand-alone items such as ‘apples’ and ‘milk’.

Your menu assessment report will include:

  • a classification for every food and drink item you entered (GREEN, AMBER or RED)
  • recommendations for healthier alternatives
  • the overall percentage of GREEN, AMBER or RED items on your menu
  • recommendations to decrease the amount of RED options and increase the amount of GREEN on your menu
  • advice on promoting your healthier options

When you make changes to your menu you can reassess it online, or use FoodChecker to plan future menus that meet the policy. 



Before you start:


Start gathering information about the foods and drinks you want to assess.


You will need:


- a recipe for every food and drink item made on site, with exact quantities for each ingredient (eg, grams, kilograms, litres, etc).

- the name and nutrition information for all packaged and pre-made items.



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Recipe assessments

You can use FoodChecker to find out if the recipes you prepare on site are classified as GREEN, AMBER or RED.

Your instant report will include the recipe’s classification, plus recommendations on how to make it healthier.

You can enter your own recipe, or use the ‘common recipes’ feature to select from hundreds of standard recipes, and modify them to match yours. You can also save your favourite recipes to use in future.

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Product assessments

You can use FoodChecker to find out if the branded food and drink products supplies in your canteen are classified GREEN, AMBER or RED.

Select from thousands of items already in our database, or enter the details of a new item and save it to your account.

Your report will include each product’s classification, with feedback and suggestions for a healthier choice (if relevant).

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