For organisations with vending machines

Vending machines are a great way to provide quick and convenient meals, snacks and drinks. Having healthy vending machines means that staff and visitors in your organisation have more access to healthy foods and drinks.


Vending machine assessments

As a first step, you can assess your vending machine online with FoodChecker. You will receive feedback on the foods and drinks you supply, and tailored recommendations for healthier changes to meet the Healthy Choices guidelines.

After completing an assessment you can use the information below to help you make healthy changes.


Who owns and supplies the vending machines in your organisation?

First, it is important to understand who owns and stocks the vending machines in your organisation.

Your machines may be owned by the organisation, or leased or supplied through a vending supplier. The foods and drinks in the machines may be stocked by staff in your organisation, or they may be stocked by a vending supplier or wholesaler.


For vending machines owned and stocked by the organisation

If vending machines are owned and stocked by your organisation, you have the opportunity to make any healthy changes that are required. Remember to use the Healthy Choices guidelines to help you decide which items to include and how to place them in the machine.

Ask your management for support with applying the Healthy Choices guidelines and make ensure you follow any organisational policies about foods and drinks which are restricted (e.g. liquids may not be allowed due to occupational health and safety requirements). 

For ideas of healthy foods and drinks to stock in vending machines you can contact the Healthy Eating Advisory Service, or refer to:


Working with external suppliers

If your organisation uses a vending machine supplier, you will need to find out who the supplier is, and work with them to make healthy changes.

If your organisation does not have a formal agreement with your supplier, it is a good idea to sign a contract which outlines the roles and responsibilities of your organisation, and those of the supplier. 

If you have a contract with the supplier, find out:  

  • the length of the contract and expiry date
  • whether the contract requires suppliers to meet the Healthy Choices guidelines.

If your contract states that healthy vending is required, you can negotiate healthy changes with the supplier based on this. If your contract does not include a requirement for healthy vending, it is important to add this in. 

If you are able to change your current contract, if your contract needs to be renewed, or if you are about to sign a new contract, you can include a service agreement (link) in the contract which states that vending suppliers need to meet the Healthy Choices guidelines.

Contracts should also include information about foods or drinks that cannot be provided due to organisational policies (e.g. liquids).

If you have a contract with a supplier that cannot be amended and is not up for renewal soon, encourage the supplier to make healthy changes before the contract expires.


Finding a healthy supplier

Many vending companies offer a healthier vending range. To source healthy vending options you can:

  • ask your current supplier if they have a healthier vending range and give them a copy of the fact sheet available at Healthy vending ideas
  • contact the Healthy Eating Advisory Service or the National Vending Association.
  • speak with other local organisations about their vending suppliers.

If your supplier needs support or information to help them provide healthier foods and drinks, encourage them to contact the Healthy Eating Advisory Service.

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