Healthier food outlet benefits

Benefits for the organisation

Communicate healthy lifestyle messages

Having a healthier food outlet in your organisation will help you promote messages about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles to the community.

If your organisation’s core business is related to health (e.g. recreation centres, hospitals and health services), having a healthy food service supports the organisation’s culture and will help you meet community expectations about encouraging healthy lifestyles.

A healthy food service also helps to create a family friendly environment that encourages community engagement.

Position your organisation as an industry leader

By making healthy changes, your organisation can be a leader in promoting good health, and can encourage change in the system by increasing the demand for healthier choices.


Benefits for the food outlet

Enhance your market position

Offering healthy meals, snacks and drinks can help retailers secure a contract with your organisation, as well as other organisations who want to provide healthy foods and drinks for their staff and visitors.

In addition, organisations registered with the Achievement Program are more likely to use healthy retail outlets when purchasing catering for meetings, conferences and other events.

Increase your revenue

A healthy menu can attract new customers who are more health conscious, and even smaller portion sizes can help bring new business. For example, at Alf’s café (Alfred Health), when  mini meal portions were introduced they were very popular and new customers started buying these from the café.

Enhance innovation

Making healthy changes is not only about replacing unhealthy options – it’s about having the opportunity to create and innovate. Food outlets may like to consider expanding their existing menus or creating new meals and snacks, and this is likely to keep consumers interested and coming back for more. 


Healthy changes are simple!

A change for the better does not need to be complicated, and the way changes are made can be adapted for individual organisations. Changes don’t need to happen all at once, and a phased approach is often the best way to go.

Remember, even simple changes can have a big impact!


More information for food outlets

Encourage food outlets to visit the Food outlets, caterers and vending section for menu planning resources, healthy food and drink ideas and recipes. 

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