Newsletter insert ideas

Newsletters are a great way to keep the school community informed and engaged in healthy eating.

Here’s a range of topics, resources and steps you can use to promote healthy eating in your school newsletters.

  • Step 1 Select a newsletter insert title/topic from the list below.
  • Step 2 Use the Introductory statement to begin your newsletter insert.
  • Step 3 Follow the web link provided to locate the content for your insert.
  • Step 4 Copy and paste the content you require from the website into your draft newsletter insert.

Remember to acknowledge the source of the information, for example "This information has been sourced from the Better Health Channel and is available at".



Newsletter insert content

What is the School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy?


Canteen staff

Introductory statement:


The School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy guides Victorian schools to supply and promote healthy foods and drinks. Enjoyment of healthy foods and drinks has many benefits for student health and learning outcomes.


More information about where the policy applies in our school and what the Green (Everyday), Amber (Select Carefully) and Red (Occasionally) categories mean is available at

What can I do to support healthy eating in our school?


Achievement Program approach

Introductory statement:


A whole-school approach to healthy eating brings together principals, school councils, staff, school food services, students, families and the wider community to promote healthy eating across the school.


Everyone has a role to play!


For some practical strategies of how you can support healthy eating in our school see our Whole-school approach to healthy eating factsheet.

Celebrating birthdays in a healthy way at school


Girl giving thumbs up


Introductory statement:


Celebrating birthday parties with healthy foods and drinks encourages students to put in practice the health messages being taught in classrooms and develop positive attitudes towards healthy eating.


Find some simple ways you can help our school to celebrate birthdays in health promoting ways by viewing our Healthy school celebrations factsheet.

Help our school fundraise in a healthy way!


Fruit gift box

Introductory statement:


Our school is replacing traditional school fundraisers (e.g. cake stalls, chocolate drives and sausage sizzles) with some fun and enjoyable new ideas to encourage healthy eating as the ‘norm’ in our school community.


Here are some of the activities we are planning to run this year. You are invited to support our school by getting involved in the planning and delivery of these fundraising activities.


See our Healthy fundraising ideas factsheet for suggestions.

What are the Australian Dietary Guidelines and why are they important?


Australian Dietary Guidelines


Introductory statement:


The School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy for Victorian schools is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines which give advice about the types and amounts of foods that are needed for good health and wellbeing.


For more information about the Australian Dietary Guidelines visit Eat for Health

Healthy eating tips for primary school-aged students


Boy eating sandwich

Introductory statement:


School age is the perfect time for children to learn about healthy food, bodies and activity to help them build healthy attitudes, preferences and behaviours that will carry throughout their growing years.


Some healthy eating tips to include in discussions with primary school-aged students can be found here:

Better Health Channel

Benefits and uses of fruit and vegetables



Introductory statement:


Our school food service has increased the fruit and vegetable choices available this term. Fruit and vegetables are an important part of a family’s daily diet, as they contain vitamins and minerals for good health and help protect against some diseases.


Australians should eat at least five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit each day as part of a well-balanced diet and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.


Find some simple tips to help you select, prepare and serve fruit and vegetables for your family here at Better Health Channel

Juice and sweet drinks


glass of orange juice

Introductory statement:


Fruit drinks and other sweet drinks are not available in our school food service.


They are high in energy but low in nutritional value. Drinking them can lead to weight gain and dental caries, and can also make it harder for students to concentrate in the classroom.


More advice can be found at Better Health Channel.

Healthy lunchbox ideas


Healthy lunchbox

Introductory statement:


Students need to eat a variety of foods every day to be healthy and perform well at school.


Ideal school lunches should include at least one item from each food group and also include water.


Encourage students to get involved in the planning, shopping and preparation of foods for their school lunches, so they are more likely to enjoy them.


Find some great ideas to help you get started with our Healthy lunchboxes factsheet.


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