Aligned Leisure

Aligned Leisure, in partnership with Cardinia Shire Council, manages seven leisure facilities in the outer south-eastern area of Cardinia. With the support of health promotion staff at Monash Health, Aligned Leisure is working towards meeting the Healthy Choices guidelines in all their facilities that provide food and drinks.

Baseline assessments of all canteen menus were conducted, with recommendations provided on healthier foods and drinks to offer to improve their percentage of GREEN (Best choice) food and drinks, and reduce the amount of RED (Limit) items. Monash Health worked closely with Aligned Leisure staff to assist with the roll-out of these changes.

Two facilities, Cardinia Life and Officer Community Hub, and three outdoor pools also trialled various ‘nudges’. These were small changes designed to ‘nudge’ customers into making a healthier choice, such as removing or reducing sugary drinks on display in a fridge.

As of 2018, all outdoor pools have removed sugar-sweetened drinks, and Cardinia Life and Officer Community Hub have successfully met the Healthy Choices guidelines. All facilities that trialled nudges continued their implementation as they were found to be successful. Cardinia Life has also used the Healthy Choices marketing materials to help promote the guidelines to customers and encourage them to make a healthier choice.

For more information on the nudge trials or Healthy Choices implementation at the Aligned Leisure centres in Cardinia, download the fact sheets below (PDF - open in a new window).



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