Rochester & Elmore District Health Service

Rochester & Elmore District Health Service (REDHS) is leading the way in implement the Healthy Choices guidelines "to support staff and consumers to make healthier food choices and support their vision of ‘Leading their community to better health’".

REDHS café is now compliant with Healthy Choices requirements, as it provides at least 50% GREEN (Best choice) foods and drinks, and no more than 20% RED (Limit) items.

From 2015 to 2017, the café’s RED options have decreased from 44% to 9% and GREEN options have increased from 24% to 54%. On top of this, in 2017, all sugar sweetened beverages were removed from the café.

It is clear from customer surveys the healthy changes have been well supported, with 90% of staff and community members saying the changes have assisted them in making a healthier choice and 65% reported purchasing from the café more frequently now.


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