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Cooking activities are a great way to introduce children to new things and help foster a love of nutritious foods.

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Cooking activities are a great way to introduce children to new things and help foster a love of nutritious foods.

It can also help their development by:

  • combining gross and fine motor movement
  • practicing concentrating and following directions
  • Here are some fun recipes that children can get involved with!


Egg and corn bread cups

  • See recipe
  • Children can help spread margarine, whisk and mix ingredients and spoon into bread cups.

Cup of soup – Minestrone

  • See recipe
  • Children can wash canned legumes and sprinkle cheese when serving.

Stuffed spuds

  • Cook small potatoes, cut the tops off and scoop out some potato.
  • Children can fill with toppings like natural yoghurt, peas and corn, creamed corn, grated cheese, salsa, coleslaw, lean ham and canned pineapple, baked beans.

Little pizza people

  • Spread small pita breads, crumpets or English muffin halves with tomato paste.
  • Children can make a face using grated cheese and toppings like chopped lean ham, mushroom, tomato and pineapple.
  • Bake or grill until hot and bubbly.

Wholemeal cheesy scrolls

  • Using a basic wholemeal scone, roll out dough and spread with cheese. Add other fillings such as tomato. Roll up, slice and bake until golden.
  • Children can help measure and mix ingredients, knead and roll out dough, spread toppings and cut into portions.

Ants on a log

  • Fill celery sticks with cream cheese or peanut butter (if allowed).
  • Children can dot with currants or sultanas.


Pumpkin scones

  • See recipe
  • Children can mash cooked pumpkin, measure ingredients, rub margarine into the flour, mix and knead dough and cut out scone shapes.

Layered fruit, yoghurt and oat treat

  • Children can help spoon a layer of assorted fruit (fresh, frozen or canned) into individual cups, top with a layer of yoghurt and sprinkle with oats.
  • Children can continue to layer fruit, yoghurt and oats until they reach the top of their cup.

Fruity crumble

  • See recipe
  • Children can rub margarine into the flour, measure and mix crumble ingredients, pour drained canned fruit into a baking dish and spread crumble mixture over the fruit.

Berry-apple fairies

  • Use a wholemeal or fruit English muffin as a base.
  • Children can spread ricotta or cream cheese and decorate with apple slices and berries.

Banana and cinnamon jaffles

  • Children can help slice bananas using plastic knives.
  • They can then help spread banana slices on slices of bread and sprinkle with cinnamon.
  • Cook sandwiches in a jaffle maker until golden brown.

Carrot muffins

  • See recipe
  • Children can help to measure and mix ingredients and spoon the mixture into muffin cases.

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