Healthy Choices Implementation Forum 2019

On May 15 2019 we hosted the 2019 Healthy Choices Implementation Forum as a fully online event.

The forum focused on working with food and drink distributors to successfully implement the Healthy Choices guidelines. We were fortunate enough to hear from food distribution companies Zole Distribution, Accredited Distributors Bendigo, and JL King and Co, who presented on the how they’re helping organisations to source and supply healthier foods and drinks.

Peninsula Health and Monash Health did a joint presentation on the results of a student project, which was to review more than 400 products available from distribution companies against the Healthy Choices guidelines. And, we heard about City of Greater Bendigo's recent ‘Healthy Choices forum’ which aimed to increase awareness of the Healthy Choices guidelines, and build strong relationships between a local organisations and food suppliers. 

You can watch the full recorded event below (2 hours), or view each presentation below:




Zole Distribution

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Accredited Distributors Bendigo

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JL King and Co

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Peninsula Health and Monash Health

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City of Greater Bendigo

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