Food and drink ideas for retail outlets and catering

The demand for healthy food and drink options in cafes, kiosks and canteens is steadily increasing. Here you will find a selection of ideas to inspire new and delicious and healthy items for your food outlet and catering.

Simple changes for healthier foods and drinks
Offering healthier options in your outlet can be easy. Try some some simple changes for a big impact on the healthiness of the food and drinks you provide. 

Simple changes for healthier catering
Providing healthier options through catering can be easy. Try these some simple changes for a big impact on how healthy the foods and drinks provided through catering services are.

Tips for healthier cooking
Swapping less healthy ingredients with healthier alternatives can improve the nutritional quality of your favourite recipes. By making some simple changes you can reduce the RED options on your menu and increase GREEN and AMBER foods and drinks at the same time. 

Healthy hot food ideas for retail outlets and caterers
Try some of these healthy hot meal and snack ideas in your outlet, or when catering meetings, functions or social events.

The keys to a healthy sandwich
Healthy sandwiches are as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

Healthy fillings for sandwiches, wraps and rolls
Sandwiches, rolls and wraps are a staple feature of many cafés, kiosks and catering platters. Try these healthy filling ideas to ensure that healthy options are always on offer.

Sandwich fillings quantity guide
Use this guide to plan and prepare bulk quantities of common sandwich, roll and wrap fillings. This guide will also help you standardise your serving sizes and prevent waste.

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