Organisational policy template

This healthy food and drink policy template can be used in any relevant policies that your organisation currently has (e.g. health and wellbeing policy) or as a starting point. Amend where required to meet the needs of your organisation.

Organisational policy – healthy foods and drinks

[insert organisation’s name] recognises the importance of healthy eating in promoting health and wellbeing and is committed to supporting employees, contractors, volunteers, clients and visitors to make healthy food and drink choices.


[insert organisation’s name] will support healthy eating by implementing the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines. These guidelines classify foods and drinks as GREEN (best choices), AMBER (choose carefully) or RED (limit) according to their nutritional value.


[insert organisation’s name] will:

  • include a requirement to meet the Healthy Choices guidelines in tenders, contracts and leases with food and drink suppliers and external user groups 
  • increase GREEN (best choices) options to at least 50 per cent of foods and drinks available for retail outlets and vending machines
  • reduce RED (limit) options to no more than 20 per cent for retail outlets and vending machines
  • not supply RED options for workplace catering, functions and events
  • include only GREEN and AMBER (choose carefully) choices in workplace catering



<Include the following points as required>


  • provide clean and safe tap water for drinking
  • make sure staff rooms and staff kitchens have facilities to prepare healthy meals and snacks brought from home
  • support and encourage breastfeeding
  • promote GREEN options and not RED options
  • not use RED options for prizes, giveaways, awards and vouchers
  • engage in healthy fundraising and sponsorship activities.



For more information about the Healthy Choices guidelines visit


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