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Healthy vending at school

Healthy vending is a great way to encourage healthy food and drink choices at school, and make healthy food and drink choices easier. Healthy vending will also support other school healthy eating activities such as nutrition education in the classroom and the promotion and supply of healthier foods and drinks in the school canteen.

Traditional vending machines provide easy access to energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods that often don’t align with the requirements of the School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy.


Healthier food and drink ideas

A number of healthy food and drink vending options are listed below. These are suggestions only.

Many vending companies now offer a healthier vending range. Check with your supplier for healthier options, or research ’healthy vending companies’ on the internet.

Important: Where possible, choose low/reduced fat, reduced salt, and/or no added sugar, high fibre varieties.


can of tuna and bean mix


  • Tuna and crackers (preferably reduced fat) *
  • Mixed tuna snack tubs (preferably reduced fat) *
  • Fruit- or vegetable-based muffins (reduced fat, high fibre) *
  • Plain sweet biscuits (reduced fat) *
  • Crisp-breads, crackers, rice or corn cakes (plain or flavoured) *
  • tub of fruitCereal-based, fruit-filled, fruit and nut bars *
  • Air-popped popcorn
  • Dried fruit
  • Nuts (plain, unsalted, raw or dry-roasted)
  • Fruit tubs (natural juice)



  • Sandwiches, rolls or wraps *
  • Nori rolls *
  • Salads *
  • Yoghurts (reduced fat)
  • Cheese and crackers (reduced fat cheese)
  • Fresh fruit, fruit salad or sliced fruit in bags


Healthier drink ideas

  • Plain, unflavoured mineral or soda water
  • Plain, unflavoured milks (reduced fat)
  • Flavoured milks with a maximum serve size of 300ml (reduced fat)
  • Fruit juice (>99% juice) with a maximum serve size 250ml




* Different brands or flavours of products may vary significantly in their nutritional content. For this reason, all packaged products must be individually assessed. 


Healthy vending assessments

Contact us for a vending machine assessment to see if your school vending machine provides healthy food and/or drink choices.

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