Fun and descriptive words for healthy foods

Fun, descriptive words can make healthy choices more appealing. Use words such as “yummy” and “hot”, or describe how they are presented, such as “drizzled with”.

For example, a “healthy toasted cheese sandwich” may sound uninteresting, but a “melted cheese toasty” sounds yummy! Experiment and have fun with the words. We’ve provided some suggestions below.

Descriptive words

Mouth watering, scrumptious, yummy, delicious, tasty, hot, warm, chilled, cold, munchy, crunchy, crisp, chunky, fresh, refreshing, juicy, sweet, healthy, grilled, toasted, homemade, technicolour, colours, super, choice, supremo, deluxe, pumped up, surprise, mini, melted cheese, drizzled with dressing, covered in, smothered in, sliced (e.g. sliced avocado), stuffed, sprinkled with, sprinkle of, lightly toasted, buttered, served with, dollop, bunch, handful, mixed, range of, variety.


Breakfast menu

  • Hot creamy porridge with juicy dried apricots
  • Warm golden toast with berry jam
  • Scrumptious crumpets covered in delicious ricotta and strawberries



  • Handful of juicy sultanas
  • Chilled sliced apple
  • Bunch of juicy grapes
  • Bag of plump fresh strawberries
  • Sweet pineapple slices
  • Crunchy carrot sticks
  • Sweet and juicy corn on the cob
  • Celery sticks with crunchy peanut butter
  • Seasonal, fresh fruit salad with a dollop of yoghurt
  • A range of homemade muffins
  • Warm pita bread with grilled cheese


Lunch menu

  • Soft grainy roll with fresh ham, tasty cheese and shredded lettuce
  • Garden vegetable lasagne served with fresh side salad
  • Hot and tasty vegetable filo
  • Technicolour fried rice (with lots of vegies!)
  • Creamy hot pumpkin soup


  • Refreshing banana and strawberry smoothie with a sprinkle of cinamon
  • Tropical sunrise smoothie
  • Bottle of chilled water

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