Alfred Health sugary drink trials

In 2010, Alfred Health launched Healthy Choices to encourage people to choose healthier food and drinks across three Alfred Health sites: The Alfred (Prahran), Sandringham Hospital and Caulfield Hospital. 

Then in 2014, they did some experiments in conjunction with their food retailers, Deakin University, Monash University, VicHealth and the Behavioural Insights Team (UK), to see if people are making healthier choices as a result.

They did four experiments to see how changing the way packaged drinks were displayed and/or priced could influence customers' purchasing habits:

  1. Removing RED drinks from display at the main full-serviced cafe. Full report here. 
  2. Removing RED drinks from self-service refrigerators at another onsite cafe
  3. Increasing the price of RED drinks by 20% at the onsite convenience store
  4. Increasing the price of RED drinks by 20% in vending machines.

Read more about Alfred Health's sugary drinks trials here, and click the inforgrpahic below to download it as a PDF.





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