Universities, TAFEs and colleges

All places of learning can be places to eat healthily too! Tertiary institutions like universities, TAFEs and colleges are important places for promoting healthy eating and healthy lifestyles because staff and students spend so much of their time on campus.

We know that healthy eating is important not just for students to support their learning and development, but also for staff to help them be more productive and satisfied in their work. By promoting healthy eating in your organisation, you can:

  • support the wellbeing of teens and young adults in the community
  • help students be healthier and learn better
  • drive change and be a leader for healthy eating in your industry
  • create a healthy and supportive environment that attracts staff and students
  • meet demand from the community for healthier food and drink choices
  • increase staff and student productivity.

The Healthy Choices guidelines can help you make sure that healthy foods and drinks are offered across your campus through:

  • onsite cafés and restaurants
  • mobile food vendors or coffee carts
  • vending machines
  • catering during meetings, functions and events
  • fundraising activities

Keen to get started? Visit Getting Started to learn about what you can do to get on track. Look at Working with caterers, Healthy vending and Working with food outlets for more ideas.

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